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  1. What is a European mount? - A European Mount is the process of removing all of the skin, muscle and meat, down to the bone and cartilage on any animal skull.

  2. What kind of skull can’t I send for mounting? - Animals that are head shot will not hold up during the cleaning process.

  3. How long does it take to get my mount back? - This will depend on the condition of the skull when it arrives. All mounts will be done in the order that they are received. Average turn around time is 3 to 4 months.

  4. Will there be a hanger on the back of my head?  - Yes, all mounts will have a hanger so your trophy may be displayed on the wall.

  5. Can my European mount be scored (P&Y or B&C) when it is done?  - Yes, this is a huge advantage that beetle cleaned skulls have over a boiled skull. Boiling skulls causes bone shrinkage, to include the antlers, while there is no bone shrinkage related to beetles.

  6. Can my European mount be mounted on a cape later, years down the road?  - Yes, this being another advantage to European mounting your trophy. Traditional head mounts only use the skull cap, which can be taken from a European mount, years later if so desired.

  7. How much does a European mount cost?  - All European mounts are $85.00 plus shipping and handling both ways except all Elk are $100.00 plus shipping and handling both ways.  A deposit may be required 

  8. Do I need my head / permit tag?  - Yes, tags are required. Any skulls received without proper permits will be returned to the owner, at the owners cost.

  9.  How do I get it my skull to Flesh and Bones Taxidermy? - See shipping instructions

  10. Can I ship a skull that is NOT frozen?  - No, this would not be a good idea at all.. See shipping instructions.

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